Organization Services

S.O.S. has options to bring order and efficiency to any space in your home.

Everything has a place and a space!

Home Office for Adults and Students

☐ Assist to designate an area and provide suggested furniture and accessories to optimize learning and working.

☐ Create systems to keep students and adults focused and on tasks.

☐ Provide storage options for overstock office and school supplies.

Manage the home

Help establish and educate family on systems to keep the home running smoothly and efficiently.

☐ Create processes and procedures for:

Mail and Document Management

Pantry Maintenance

Refrigerator Storage

Cabinet Organization

Overstock Upkeep

Clothes and Shoe Organization

Decluttering Spaces

Laundry Room Organization

Seasonal Décor Storage

Pet Supplies storage

Toy Storage

Electronics Organization and Charging stations

Bedroom Organization and Efficient use of Space

Bathroom and Cabinet organization and functionality

Moving Preparation and Efficiency Techniques

Garage and Storage Areas

☐ Create systems for storage, easy access, and product suggestions.

☐ Guidance to determine how and what to purge.

☐ Suggest ways to maintain and sustain the area.

☐ Car Organization